Heavy Equipment: Have you ever thought about moving your heavy equipment by rail?

Transformers: New transformers are being brought in from all over the world. High Wide & Heavy, Inc. can manage your transport from port directly to the pads.

Cranes: Cranes are fast and easy to move by rail. No crane is too big to move. High Wide & Heavy, Inc. has moved 100 ton cranes up to 800 ton cranes throughout North America.

Air and Gas: Used or new, High Wide & Heavy, Inc. can assist with breakdown of gas plants and transport to a new facility. We can also assist with transporting repair pressure vessels to your trusted fabrication plant.

Pressure Vessels: Moving pressure vessels by rail is more common than you would think. High Wide & Heavy, Inc. has preformed several moves throughout Canada, United States, & Mexico.

Rigging: High Wide & Heavy, Inc. has over 20 years experience rigging heavy equipment via rail. Our logistical team works closely with the rail inspectors train master coordinating the trucking and managing waybills.


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